Monthly Archives: June 2007

Chuck Liddell Vs Tito Ortiz 2


Liddell Vs. Jackson 2- No Payback for the Iceman


Funny Video of Randy Couture choking out a girl Egypt on Playhouse TV


Randy Couture Vs Tim Sylvia- Old School Baby


The Whole fight from UFC 68. Capatain America is my hero, Sylvia had no chance.

Chuck Liddell vs Kurt Angle Speculation on BubbaRaw.


Any MMA fan would tell you Angle wouldn’t stand a chance.
Come on Chucks been fighting for a long time and Kurt Angle says he only 6 months of MMA training to take him, give me a break.

Funny Video of Chuck Liddell Wasted on Tv


They said he was sick and taking alot of antibiotics.

Fedor Emelianenko vs Matt Lindland Video- Another Fight, Another Win


This is Fedors Most Recent Fight against Matt Lindland. No he didnt cheat get over it Fedor Haters!!