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Fedor Emelianenko vs Antonio Nogueira 3 Video- He’s in His Own League


Crocop to the Top- Another Legendary Highlight Video


The shogun highlight a few posts ago was created by Desko, the same person who created this highlight of Crocop. I got alot of requests for this after the shogun video so here it is. An amazing fight coming later on.

After the Bell UFC 74 Interviews and Press Conference


These are a series of videos created by thefightnetwork. Post UFC 74 interviews and press conferences, alot of interesting quotes and conversations with the fighters. Its really well put together, check them out.

Part 1- One on One with The Natural

Part 2- One on One with GSP

Part 3- One on One with Roger Huerta

Part 4- Press Conference with Dana and the Fighters

Part 5- Focus on Joe Stevenson and Couture

Part 6- Randy Couture Talking About His UFC 74 Prediction Results

Cung Le vs Tony Fryklund- The Bruce Lee of MMA


If you’ve never seen Cung Le fight, your in for a real treat. This guy really does display moves just like you see in the old Bruce Lee movies. Gotta give Fryklund credit in this fight he took a tremendous amount of shots before the fight was ended. Of course the question that remains to be answered is if Le can fight on the ground. Fryklund didn’t even really try to take the fight to the ground which puzzled many onlookers including myself. I hope the next time Le fights is against a top-level wrestler so we can really see if he has what it takes to be a good Mixed Martial Arts fighter.

The 2 Most Recognizable MMA Highlight Videos on the Internet


These 2 highlight videos are great and probably the 2 most popular videos of their kind on the net. In case you’ve never seen then here they are and enjoy because they are fantastic. A new fight later on.


Grand Theft Title 2- Saitama City

ESPN Interviews Rampage and Zab Judah


This is a funny interview, as rampage and Judah slug it out in rock em sock em robots. Judah looks like he is scared of Rampage, agreeing with everything he says and saying UFC is more exciting than boxing.

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua Video


No words can describe this amazing shogun video, just watch it and it will give you goosebumps.

Featured Video

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