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Top 10 Best Fights on My Blog


Matt Serra vs Georges St Pierre- The Upset Before All The Upsets


BJ Penn vs Takanori Gomi- Sherdog Writers Should Watch this Fight


I was just browsing through the new rankings. At lightweight Gomi stands as number 1 in the world and then you see Penn down at number 9! Anyways Im not gonna complain about it, they have their opinion and I have mine. Of course he moves up in weight sometimes, but at 155 pounds Penn is the best in the world and thats all im gonna say. This fight is from Rumble on the Rock IV. Enjoy the Fight. Sorry I couldnt find english announcers.

Urijah Faber vs. Eben Kaneshiro- The California Kid


Urijah “California Kid” Faber is a MMA star in the making. I was browsing my blog and found that I have zero of his fights posted. Well this fight is a good one. Faber has a style thats basically maul your opponent to death. He has tremendous skills and most people consider him to be the best featherweight in the world.
His only loss was to Tyson Griffin, who in my opinion lost a decision at UFC 76 to Thiago Tavares, but the judges gave him the fight, of course that discussion is for another time. There’s no telling if Faber will put on some weight and end up in the UFC, but if he does more people will see that he is very talented. The only knock on him is that he hasn’t really fought top-notch competition,so I would love to see him move up and fight Tyson Griffin again and possible fights with BJ Penn and Sean Sherk.

Anderson Silva vs Tony Fryklund Video- One Elbow Knockout


Well I was dead wrong about UFC 76 with the exceptions being my picks of Lyoto Machida and Jon Fitch, both fighters were impressive. Shogun gassed after 7 minutes and Ive never seen him gas. He fought Lil Nog in a war for 25 minutes. I just don’t get it and I was shocked to see him actually tap out. I hope he comes to fight next time because he is still one of my favorite fighters.

The rematch of Anderson Silva vs Rich Franklin is October 20th, UFC 77: Hostile Territory. This Anderson fight with Miletich trained Tony Fryklund is reminiscent of the Franklin fight with Silva using a nasty clinch to totally control his opponent. The elbow to end the fight is amazing.

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Post UFC 76 Dana White and Fighters Press Conference


This is the press conference after UFC 76, White and all the fighters have some interesting things to say.

I still can’t believe Shogun and Liddell Lost.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Non MMA- Halo 3 Video Review


This is the game Ive been waiting for and it will be available tommorow. From this review and the many others Ive read and watched Halo 3 doesn’t dissapoint and I will lose countless hours of my life playing this game on my xbox 360. Enjoy.

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