Monthly Archives: November 2007

The Ultimate Fighter 6- Episode 11 Streaming Video


Sergei Kharitonov vs Pedro Rizzo- One Sided War


Anderson Silva vs Chris Leben Video- The Spider Drops a Guy Known for His Chin


Fedor Emelianenko Sambo Championships 2007


This is the video of Fedor’s only fight he had to win to win the 2007 World Combat Sambo Championship. He is the one in the blue, I dunno it looks like the guy tapped out because of a neck crank? Judge for yourself, its too bad Fedor’s other 2 opponents pulled out of their fights with him, I would’ve liked to see more.

Roger Huerta vs Leonard Garcia- UFC 69


Wanderlei Silva vs Kiyoshi Tamura- Was This the Japanese Fighter to Dethrone Silva? Ha!


Matt Hughes vs Carlos Newton- Another Double Knockout?


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