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Fedor Emelianenko in Korean Drama "Queen of Housewives"


Nightmare of Battle has a loose translation.

Forrest Griffin vs Steve Sayegh Video- KOTC 20


Quick Fight Announcement: Nate Marquardt vs Demian Maia at UFC 102


Click here to head over to CagePotato for the full details.

Give us your predictions in the comments!

Catching up with "Bully Beatdown"


Episode 4- Jake Shields

Episode 5- Jon Murphy

Episode 6- Thomas Denny

Tito Ortiz Talks Chuck Liddell and Anderson Silva


Fedor Emelianenko Submits Shinya Aoki


(Pic props Sportsnavi)

According to reports Fedor Emelianenko overpowered Shinya Aoki in their Sambo style match at DEEP M-1 Challenge and finished him with a leglock.

From a user at BloodyElbow

Fedor was basically playing with Aoki. He allowed him to get sub attempts like a flying armbar, a leg lock attempt, and even takedowns like the double leg and a nice seoi-nage.

Watching it though, you could very much tell that Fedor was allowing Aoki live and catch stuff for the sake of the fans. It didn’t stop him from picking him up and slamming him all around the place though, locking up subs of his own before letting go to stand back up. There was one instance where Fedor pounded the ground with a huge fist, right next to Aoki’s head—kind of a sign that, “hey, I can stop this at any moment, kiddo.”

Both were all smiles all the way through the exhibition though, so I imagine they were having lots of fun.

I will post a video as soon as one surfaces.

Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin Confirmed for UFC 101


Breaking news from Kevin Iole over at Yahoo Sports. Apparently the light heavyweight tilt between Griffin and Thiago Silva has been scrapped for a much more intriguing bout.

Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White made good on his promise to land a significant fight for suddenly under siege middleweight champion Anderson Silva, telling Yahoo! Sports on Tuesday that he had signed a deal for Silva to face ex-light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin in the co-main event of UFC 101 in Philadelphia on Aug. 2

From Dana White.

“Forrest loved the idea and said he’d do it right away, and Anderson told me he would fight anyone I wanted him to fight, no matter who it is,” White said. “So we got the deal.”

For the full story, CLICK HERE.

Here’s an old interview with Forrest talking about Anderson. Props Cage Potato.

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