Brock Lesnar Gives His Prediction for UFC 121


Brock Lesnar does seem confident in his abilities to derail the hype train that is Cain Velasquez. A couple things I have mentioned when this fight was announced is that if you can find a sportsbook that has mma betting and Velasquez is still an underdog make a serious bet on Cain. He’s better at virtually every aspect of mma, his combination punching is second to none in the heavyweight division and his uppercuts in the clinch are ridiculously good. I’m also not so sure that Brock is the better wrestler, sure he has the coveted NCAA title that Cain fell short on, but he also wrestled guys that were far below the caliber that Velasquez had to deal with(Cole Konrad) in his college days.

Bottom line is it shouldn’t even be considered an upset if Cain Velasquez is the new heavyweight champion after UFC 121.

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