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Dana White Talks Strikeforce Grand Prix: “I Love It… Good for Them”


From Dana White gives his thoughts on the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix, Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar coaching TUF.

You know how I feel about Strikeforce, about the smaller leagues. Listen, putting on a heavyweight tournament that’s going to draw some interest for those guys and then they end up with somone at the end who is perceived as one of the top guys… I love that shit, love it… I honestly havent thought about it at all, but good for them.

Vitor Belfort: I Am Second


Get MMA Shin Guards for a Great Price


We’ve got a great offer for shin guards from MMAHQ today.

MMA gear

Cageside MMA Premium Shin InStep Guards for $30

MMA shin guards

These shin guards normally sell for $60. They’re designed for heavy hitters and with no neoprene sleeve are easy to take off after a heavy day of training. Another great MMA gear deal for

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Nick Diaz Talks Submission Win Over Cyborg Santos


Herschel Walker Post Strikeforce “Diaz vs. Cyborg” Interview


Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Cyborg Live Chat Recap


As per the new site comes more new features. I’m going to try out a live chat tonight starting at 9pm EST. If it goes well and enough people participate we’ll do it every event. I will be using the Cover It Live application, which I’m told is the best. Just type your name and send in your questions and we’ll get rolling at 9 with some grown ass man MMA talk. Looking forward to the interaction, tell your friends they can be cool and participate too.

Watch Wanderlei Silva Bitch Slap Some Dude in West Virginia


If you want to politely spar with Wanderlei Silva be prepared to be humiliated. Actually the kid didn’t do too bad, of course I don’t know his background. If Wanderlei Silva isn’t the coolest guy you know then you don’t know anyone. This actually goes down in the state I was born in at Butch Hiles gym in Charleston, WV.

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