Preview For Anderson Silva’s Special UFC Fight Pass Interview

ufc fight pass

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva surprised many people when he stated that a return to the Octagon would not be in the cards for “The Spider” this year.

Instead, Silva made it known that he does plan to return following his gruesome leg injury vs. Chris Weidman, just more on his own schedule.

UFC Fight Pass caught up with Silva for a special interview that will air on the digital network soon, and Silva explained his reasoning for not rushing a return to action.

“Another couple of months and I would be ready to fight this year,” Silva said. “But I’m having this opportunity to spend more time with my family, to focus and work over my personal projects.”

Silva already made it known that he is taking classes in Los Angeles to become a police officer, though he does not plan to actually enlist in law enforcement anytime soon. He was also signed to a talent agency that will help provide him more movie, TV and commercial roles going forward, something Silva already has a little experience with.

While many feel there is nothing left for the 38-year-old to accomplish in trying to return to fighting, he has another reason to step back inside the cage.

“I’m doing this to give back to the U.S., what the U.S. gave me,” he said. “Which is the opportunity for my children to study, the opportunity for a different life than the one I have in Brazil and being able to make a difference.”

Check out a preview for the interview in the video below: