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One thing about the martial art of Taekwondo and it’s competitions is that it produces some very aesthetically pleasing knockouts. The technique most common in this list is the “tornado kick” which uses maximum momentum and hip movement to level an opponent. The technique is explained in the video below.

Now on to the list!

-Watch as these 2 feel each other out for about 10 seconds and then the roundhouse kick comes through in the clutch with a brutal KO.

-This may be one of the fastest KO’s I’ve ever seen in any combat sport as the tornado kick is immediately effective.

-Here’s one from the olympics as the fighter in the red counters a body kick with a spinning kick to the face. The forward momentum of the fighter in the blue is such that he basically runs right into the kick.

-These two trade some body kick before the final blow to the face. The KO’d fighter attempts to stay in the game, but he gets up he starts doing the fish dance.

-This KO is more of a spinning heel kick which we’ve seen numerous times in mixed martial arts competition. Nonetheless, one constant I see in most of these videos is running in with your hands at your waist which is no-no in most combat sports and the results you see here may be proof of why.

-A nice spinning kick that knocks down a fighter who was wearing a cage on his mask.

-This one is particularly brutal as shin meets face.

-Here’s a perfectly timed counter spinning back kick. His opponent attempts a front kick, but with lightning fast speed is caught on the chin with the kick.

-This kick is reminiscent of the switch kick you see fighters like Lyoto Machida use from time to time.

-Here’s something you very rarely see anymore, a KO caused by a perfectly placed Axe Kick.

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